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Cube Droid saves the galaxy Cube Droid saves the galaxy The galaxy has been littered with metal blocks, that have been dumped by a hostile spaceship. Only one planet wasn't covered with blocks, and that's the planet where Cube Droid rules. Cube Droid's a retired robot with a mission: clean the galaxy from all these metal blocks! There are six planets, and each of them has six levels. Your aim is to collect all batteries in a level, and then get back into your space capsule, on your way to the next level or planet. There are all kinds of dangers, like cannons and laser towers, so think carefully about the order in which you move the blocks, in order to stay protected. Each level has its own particularities, that are explained in the game. A funny game, in which Cube Droid hops from level to level, and from planet to planet, as soon as he's accomplished his mission!

Controls: Use the arrow keys to move around.


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