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3 Pandas 2 3 Pandas 2 This is the sequel to the fun game "Three Pandas", with the tall, the short and the fat panda in the lead roles. They are inseparable friends who always travel together and help each other to overcome obstacles. This is why it is important that all three pandas get through the level together, otherwise you cannot get to the following level. In this episode it is night and the pandas are on their way home. Will you steer them in the right direction and make sure they will not get into trouble' Look for clues to help them on their way to the light!

Controls: You play this game with your mouse. When you begin the game you will first go through a tutorial which explains your options and how things work. For instance, a caterpillar can be used as a springboard if it is activated. That way the panda that jumps onto it can jump onto a higher platform.


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