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Zoo Fun Zoo Fun In this fun game you can build your own zoo! Start with laying paths, with the help of the 'tools' icon. It's important that both the animals and the shops can be reached via the path, otherwise you'll miss out on earnings. Then, you choose the animal enclosures, and you place them at nice places in your zoo. Feed the animals on time, and see if they'll bring in some income for you! The same goes for the shops: choose some, and place them in strategic places. Now that you've laid the foundation, you can decorate your zoo. Have fun!

Controls: Click there where you want to build things. With the little hand (hand icon or H key) you can put everything back that's in your hands at that moment, and you can also rotate the zoo map with it. Use the bulldozer button or the B key to take away things that you want to remove.


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