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Anski and Blip Anski and Blip Anski and Blip are two aliens. They're best friends, and they don't move from each other's sides. They complement each other perfectly and need each other constantly, also when walking through the woods, in search of their pets. From time to time, Massi the bird of prey does naughty things: he steals their pets and hides them in the woods, where Anski and Blip have to find them back. The pets aren't water-resistant, but when Blip carries them, everything's all right. Snails and butterflies can by awkward but also useful. When Anski and Blip get stuck at an obstacle, they can't follow each other. Sometimes this is very practical. At the beginning of the game you'll receive detailed instructions about the controls and about Anski's and Blip's possibilities. Have fun!

Controls: Use the arrow keys to move and Shift to switch between Anski and Blip. Press the spacebar to pick up animals or items. Press R to restart your level.


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