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House of Dead Ninjas House of Dead Ninjas Do you know the legend of the one-armed ninja' It is said that he had entered an almost inaccessible tower. Once he had reached his goal, all the inhabitants of the region started to hate him. Since then, a lot of other people have tried to penetrate the tower, but no one ever came out alive! Go and check if the legend's really true! Enter the tower and look which surprises are awaiting you. Collect ninja stars, bombs, extra time, extra lives and bonuses. Make sure that you eliminate all the enemies!

Controls: Use the left and right arrow keys to walk, the down arrow to jump and the down arrow to crawl. If you push the up arrow twice, you can jump twice as high. Hold the right arrow to descend along a wall, and hold the up arrow when, on the contrary, you want to climb a wall. Press Z to use your sward, X to throw a ninja star and C to throw a bomb.


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