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1066 1066 1066 is the year that William the Conqueror invaded England at the Battle of Hastings. Side with the English, the Vikings or the Normans and eliminate as many enemy soldiers by killing or frightening them. The game's divided into rounds, and each of them are subdivided in two phases. By turns you and your enemy can make strategic moves. You can move your troops, fire at the enemy, taunt the enemy to weaken his morale, increase your defense capacities or split up your units into smaller groups. Keep the battle power and the morale of your troops in shape! You can play this game in the single player and multiplayer modes. You can find lots of detailed information in the game itself, by clicking on 'how to play'.

Controls: You mainly play this strategy game with the mouse. Use the up and down arrows to see different rows, and the left and right arrow keys to scroll left or right over the battlefield.


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