The Evil Eye

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The Evil Eye The Evil Eye You're a big, red, mechanical eye that supervises a research lab. Your true aim isn't to control the building, but to hack all the computers in order to conquer the mainframe. There are scientists around who want to stop you from hacking computers, but they have a small problem: they're afraid of the dark! You use their fear to lead them exactly where you want them to go, by switching off the light. You can also open and close doors, to lock the researchers. Unfortunately there aren't only scientists around in the building: there are mechanics, too, who won't bother you while hacking computers, but who will switch on the lights you've switched off, and can also open doors. The robots walking around in the corridors can be useful weapons: hack them, and they'll become harmful to humans! Try to get the absolute power in the end!

Controls: Use your mouse to play this game.

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