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Paintball Racers Paintball Racers Drive your minicar over the working top, jump over the spatulas and use the breadboard as a slope! You can fire all kinds of paintball bullets at your opponents: freezing bullets (slow down), electric bullets (paralyze), oil bullets (vehicles get out of control) and fire bullets (burn the vehicle). First you'll have to gather these bullets! You can also perform nice stunts: fly, do a wheelie and perform flips. There are all kinds of 'boosters', too, that double your ammo, turbo, number of lives or speed. Make sure that you'll stay ahead of your opponent and that you'll beat him!

Controls: Left arrow / A = lean back, Rright arrow / D = lean forward, Up arrow / W = accelerate, Down arrow / S = brake, Space bar = shoot paintballs. Control type 1: X = jump, Z = turbo. Control type 2: C = jump, X = turbo, Z = rotate weapon.

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