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Jetbus Jetbus You're a taxi driver in a huge town, where you have to transport your passengers from A to B. You can drive several vehicles, each of them has its own characteristics. The further you get in the game, the more possibilities you get. The longer your passengers have to wait before you pick them up, the less money you'll earn. As soon as you've earned enough money, you can pass to the next level. Watch out not to damage your car too much, and do your taxi ride within time given. Each passenger has his/her own characteristics, with his/her advantages and disadvantages. Wind and magnets might give you quite a hard time. Try to collect all the power-ups that fall down from time to time!

Controls: Use the arrow keys to drive your bus. Press Z and the left or right arrow to boost your speed. Press X to brake. If you're driving a time machine, you can use the 'teleport' option by pressing C.

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