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Duoblaster Duoblaster This is a shooting game that puts your reactions to the test! The more often you're hit, the more power your shield will lose. Once your shield has lost all his forces, you'll lose a life. When you don't have any lives left anymore, the game's over. Collect stars for extra speed and power, and for upgrading your weapons. Killing your enemies also increases your score and your level. This level determines how many power ups you have left after losing a life. At the top of the screen you'll see a gauge that's getting fuller and fuller: once it's full, you can press the spacebar to use the megabomb. Brave the nine hostile attacks and defeat all five bosses. You can play this game on your own, or with two players. If you're two players, one player controls the main spaceship, and the other player controls the attacking spaceship.

Controls: 1 Player: with the mouse or with WASD / arrow keys you control your ship. Shoot by pressing the R / J keys or with the mouse. Press the spacebar to throw a megabomb. 2 Players: one player uses the mouse, the other player uses the keyboard.

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