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Rawr Rawr Glowinwood is a primeval forest where friendly ghosts live, that are close friends with certain inhabitants of a town nearby. You're one of these people. In your town lives a notorious businessman, Lupen Tintain, who would love to own the forest because its soil contains oil. Thanks to corrupt officials, Lupen has managed to stake Glowinwood as a first prize of a monster battle. Train your little monsters and help them defeat Lupen's monsters, in order to preserve the woods! In the 'Skills management' zone you can equip your monsters with several active and passive skills. In the 'Combat zone' you can start a fight and in the 'Food' part you can feed your monster. Each kind of food has its own effects. Save Glowinwood from the hands of this corrupt oil baron!

Controls: Use your mouse to play this combat game.


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