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Mini Dash Mini Dash This fun game absolutely challenges your agility and reactivity! A tiny, yellow creature tries to reach the exit in a world full of spiky dangers. He can jump like no other, and even a double jump is a piece of cake to him. Avoid all the spiky items, grab mushrooms and burst balloons. When you've collected three mushrooms you can skip a level. The little creature can also walk on the ceiling: this is very useful when a long row of spikes is blocking off his way through. Some levels are hiding secrets, so keep your eyes open!

Controls: Use the left and right arrow keys to walk. Press the spacebar or the up arrow to jump. When the little creature's jumping, you can press the button again when he's in mid-air to do a double jump. Press alternately the left/right arrow key with the up arrow when you want to climb a wall.

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