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Me and my dinosaur Me and my dinosaur Some time ago this little boy moved with his parents to a boring town called Commonsville. He had to leave all his friends and he didn't manage to take up with anyone in his new city. His parents were always busy with work and housekeeping, and the little boy was often alone. But this changed when he found a strange, green egg in the woods. Before he even came home, a big lizard came out of the egg. It turned out to be a baby dinosaur. His parents didn't know anything about animals, so they thought it was a strange dog, which they allowed him to keep. But when the dino grew bigger, the problems grew bigger, too: his parents, even all the inhabitants of Commonsville, wanted the dinosaur to leave or even to die. The boy won't let this happen and decides to leave town, together with his dinosaur. Can you help them escape' Some doors can only be opened by the dinosaur, so from time to time the boy should go first, and from time to time the dino should go first.

Controls: Use WAD to move the boy and click to throw a bone.


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