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Gluey 1 Gluey 1 The daubs of paint in this game would do nothing better than find a daub of the same colour, to stick to it! Then you can eliminate them. If you click on a daub of paint, it will disappear, so that the blobs next to, under or above it get closer to each other, or will even touch each other. There can also be daubs of paint that are hidden inside a daub of a different colour. In that case, you have to click on the daubs surrounding them to release the small daubs. The aim is to clear all the daubs of paint from the tank. Think carefully before making a choice, because you'll have to obtain a minimum of points to pass on to the next level. Once you've completed all the levels, you'll get access to the 'zen mode'. Do your best to find out which surprises are awaiting you there!

Controls: Click to make a daub of paint disappear.


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