Cloud Wars Sunny Day

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Cloud Wars Sunny Day Cloud Wars Sunny Day In this strategy game you have to conquer all the clouds floating in the air. You're the blue cloud and the grey clouds are neutral. Clouds of another color are your competitors: they'll try as well to conquer all the clouds and change their colors. Both you and your enemies will fire little clouds in the direction of enemies, neutral clouds or 'allied' clouds. The aim is to weaken and defeat your enemies and to strengthen your allies so that they can also help you conquer more enemy clouds. Shoot little clouds at the stars, too: this gives you the possibility to choose a weather type (sun, rain or lightning) that will remain active for a while. A lightning bolt, for example, allows you to shoot faster: that's very, very useful!

Controls: Hold the left mouse button while drawing a line between your cloud and the cloud you want to conquer / strengthen. You can also do this with more clouds at once: in that case you hold the spacebar to select all blue clouds at once and then you hold Ctrl to shoot clouds.

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