Bubble Struggle 3

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Bubble Struggle 3 Bubble Struggle 3 Play Bubble Struggle 3, an extremely fun and addictive version of the popular game Bubble Struggle! Try to shoot all the coloured bubbles and falling stars and make sure that you yourself are not hit by the bubbles. Every bubble or star that you hit will split up into two smaller ones that you will need to hit as well. So there will be more and more and it will be harder and harder not to get hit! You can win all sorts of bonuses in this fun game. Alarm clocks for extra time, or sticks of dynamite that will make the bubbles as small as possible. You can also win extra lives, and ice crystals which stop all the bubbles in the game. There are also two different types of shield which make you temporarily invulnerable. The icons with little boots on them will temporarily speed the game up, and the green icons with an M on them will slow the bubbles down. The red arrow pointing left is worth extra time. You can also win extra weapons: double harpoons, ice picks, flowers and medals. These last ones will make all the bubbles explode at once. You can play this game in single and two player mode. There are two game modes: the „Plain Fun" mode and the „Relax, no timer" mode. In this last mode you have unlimited time to pop all the bubbles.

Controls: Use the arrow keys to move and the spacebar to shoot with your harpoon.


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