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Acid Bunny Acid Bunny This is such a challenging and original game! Acid Bunny, the leading figure, is born in a litter of drug-addicted brothers and sisters: mother rabbit is a heavy drug user and her siblings were already dependent when coming into the world. Since Acid Bunny is the runt, he's rejected and this is precisely his salvation: he doesn't drink his mother's toxic milk and escapes a future full of addiction and misery. At least... that's what he tries, but from time to time he gets flashbacks and he starts hallucinating. At those moments he isn't aware at all of what he's doing and he accidentally tears his friend, a bear, to pieces. Needle and thread might bring relief. He'll have to find them first, though, and his addicted brothers and sisters are still about everywhere, trying to make his life a misery. Jump on top of them or pelt them with carrots to eliminate them. Collect hearts: these are extra lives and they might really be useful in this hostile world! When you start playing, you'll get detailed instructions. Have fun!

Controls: Use the arrow keys to move around, A to throw carrots and S to let something go when you're holding it (for example a balloon).


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