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Volt Connect Volt Connect In this funny game you're going to help a little figure called 'Volt' get connected with his other electric friends. Do so by placing other 'volt figures' between him and his friend, until all figures are interconnected. Watch out that no electrical figures fall into the water, because they'll die for sure! In that case, you'll have to start the level all over again. Make sure to be fast enough, because the figures keep on moving so you'll have to interconnect them in time. There are also little figures named 'Sunny Volt'. They can fly, and can take 2 volt figures with them during their flight. In each level you have a certain number of figures at your disposal: you see them in the bottom-right-hand corner. There are twenty-five levels in total, so you'll be having fun for a while!

Controls: Click to place the figures.


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