Tessa's cooking apple strudel

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Tessa's cooking apple strudel Tessa's cooking apple strudel Play this cooking game with Tessa. Today Tessa's going to prepare an apple strudel. In this cooking game we'll teach you exactly how to prepare this recipe. You'll need the following ingredients : - 200 g flour - 100 g melted butter - 120 ml lukewarm water - 4 apples, peeled and cored - 100 g sugar - salt - 50 g raisins - 1 tbs cinnamon - 1 pack (8 g) of vanilla sugar - 1 tsp. of ground cloves - 3 tbs lemon juice - 55 g almond shavings - 4 crushed rusks Prepare these ingredients as follows: - Bring a pan of water to the boil - mix 100 g flour, 50 g melted butter, the water and a pinch of salt - Add the rest of the flour - Knead the pastry with your hands until it's supple - pour the boiling liquid out of the pan - Put greaseproof paper into the pan and lay the pastry on it - Cover it and wait for 90 minutes - Preheat the oven at 190 degrees Celsius (374 degrees Fahrenheit) - Cut the apples into small cubes - Mix the apple cubes, the sugar, the raisins, cinnamon, vanilla sugar, cloves, lemon juice and almond shavings - Dust your working surface with flour - Roll out the pastry with a rolling pin until you get a piece of 20x30 cm - Put it on a piece of greaseproof paper - Then stretch it out with your hands until it's 50x70 cm, until it's almost transparent - Spread it with butter - Sprinkle it with the crushed rusk - Cover half the pastry with the apple mixture - let 4 cm of the edges uncovered - Fold the borders to the inside - Roll the strudel up with the help of the greaseproof paper - Cover the roll with the rest of the butter - Put the strudel on a baking tray covered with greaseproof paper - Bake it in the preheated oven for 55 minutes - Let it cool down a bit and then enjoy!

Controls: Use the mouse to play this cooking game.

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