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Exploders MMO Exploders MMO Exploders is a nice, new multiplayer version of Bomberman! Now you can play with a maximum of 6 players at a time. Make bombs explode to cause the biggest possible explosions. Place them strategically, so that you eliminate your opponents and destroy obstacles. The player who has the biggest number of trophies at the end of the game, or who has obtained the highest score, is the winner ! There's a lot of possibilities in the game: for example you can choose to play for points or for trophies. You can also change the number of rounds per game (max. 9). Then, you can choose whether the items are flammable or not, how much time one round will last, or you want to start playing from a fixed spot in the field or rather from a random spot... Then, you can choose among the following game modes: 'Classic', 'Open field', 'Item Grab' and 'Hyper Feet'. Of course you can earn all kinds of Power ups, too: Fire Up, Speed Up, Bomb Up, Full Fire, Power Bomb and Bomb Kick! Be careful not to pick up the Power downs, because they have negative consequences for you. You can come across the following Power downs: Fire Down, Speed Down, Bomb Down and the Skull. This last one contains a 'surprise effect', that in most cases turn out wrong for you.

Controls: Use the arrow keys to move your character and press the spacebar to throw bombs.


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