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Robots Can't Think Robots Can't Think These robots might not have brains, but their arms are ten times as strong as human arms! That's why they can climb walls, and even stick to the ceiling: they defy gravity easily! In each level the robots are tested in a different way. You'll have to think for them, because they themselves can only carry out instructions. So think carefully about how to proceed when you need to place a cube on a kind of cover with a key beneath it, so that the door you'll have to pass, will stay open. The robot's don't manage to climb walls when they carry a cube in their hands, so everything has to be done and moved in the right order. You can use the 'translocator' as an aid to do so!

Controls: Press the down arrow to pick up items. If you want to throw an item, use the up arrow and if you want to drop the item, press the down arrow. Press X to activate the 'translocator', that will temporarily move your 'other me', until the effect has worn off. Press C to influence time.


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