The Other Side

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The Other Side The Other Side Wow, what's happening' The ceiling starts to move, the floor under your feet as well. It seems as if the space you're standing in, is turned upside down! As soon as you start running, the space moves along and all kinds of doors illuminate, giving entrance to spaces with even stranger phenomena. For instance, you suddenly find yourself standing in front of an abyss, a dense fog hanging over it, blocking your view. Just the stars are visible, and when you try to grab them by jumping towards them, you notice that you get ground under your feet! Jump from star to star, without falling into the abyss. Then there's another door, opening onto another bizarre experience. And that's the way things keep going in this challenging and addicting game that puts your creativity as well as your dexterity to the test! Collect stars and try to avoid the black holes.

Controls: Use the arrow keys or WASD to move.


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