Le Casse Dents

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Le Casse Dents Le Casse Dents Normally you're part of the 'good guys' in a game, and you fight against the 'bad guys'. Now it's the opposite, and you control a group of caries, that love to destroy teeth! The Fluormen want to stop them from attacking teeth, so you'd better avoid them. If you choose the 'sacrifice' option, you sacrifice a caries, but you'll complete the level. Try to catch the following icons that fall down: exclamation marks, that increase the speed and size of a caries, the B letters that add an extra caries, and the V's for extra speed. In this arkanoid game you have to make the caries land on your platform as many times as possible, so that you can rebound them into the mouth in order to do even more damage. When the mouth is empty, you've completed the level!

Controls: Use the mouse to move the platform, and click to launch a caries in the direction of the mouth.


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